Our customers

We are a web design agency with a broad knowledge. It´s our customer's profit.

There is considerable variation among our customers, we have both small and large clients and we deliver both small and large projects. Often we put on a full mission and deliver the whole solution. We can help with only certain individual parts as well. Therefore, we have also acquired a broad knowledge over the years.

To always be able to deliver the right solution requires us to continually develop ourselves and that's just the way we want it. Therefore everyone are welcome to contact us.

Our customers range from small and large businesses, government, municipalities, county councils, organizations and associations. In addition to our own customers we often also work as subcontractors, for example advertising agencies and other IT consultancy.

Examples of customers:

  • Small and large businesses
    Sandvik is an example of one of our largest (and oldest) customers but we have also provided solutions for individual entrepreneurs and everything in between.
    For businesses, we supply everything from websites, intranets and promotions, search engine optimization, internet marketing and customized systems.
  • State and local government
    We provide solutions for both state and local government and in this category Stockholm County Council with its 44 000 employees are our biggest customer. Usually it's about a little larger websites and intranets and EPiServer is the dominant platform.
  • Compounds
    We have helped several compounds such as Brynäs IF and SAIK with web development. It ranges from simple solutions and campaigns to the development of entire sites.
  • Advertising agencies and IT Consultants
    Many of our projects have been completed with Extrude as subcontractors to eg advertising agencies and major IT consultants. Here it can be anything from developing larger complete web sites for example EPiServer, Umbraco and Drupal to smaller landing pages, banner production, interactive presentations in Flash, and more recently, simpler websites in WordPress and Apps for iPhone and Android. Examples of customers are Lundberg & Co., Mannheimer & Co. and Liljedalsvägen Communcation.
  • Individuals
    We also occasionally worked even against individuals. Usually a little smaller sites with blogging opportunities, but also complete solutions. Nicklas "Bäckis" Bäckström is the latest example.
If you are curious to know more about our customers you´ll find more examples here: Our Clients »