Campaign sites and landing pages

No matter what type of campaign you are in need of, we gladly help you with both the ideas and production. All for you to receive a selling solution that provides power.

Interactive campaigns are a proven way to highlight a product or offering. Web games, competitions and other activities also provide extra traction. There may be occasional work in connection with other promotions or several recurring activities on the regular site. 

On the web it is fine to get statistics and measure the results of campaigns and in addition there is the opportunity to collect information about visitors and participants, making it easy to keep in touch in the future.

Customer clubs on the web is a natural evolution when you want to take a step further than just a campaign to "catch" into customers.

Landing pages in combination with internet marketing (banners, ads, etc.) can be designed more or less advanced. It can be a simple page where the visitor can get more information about the campaign and perhaps a discount offer or a registration form, but it can also be a more advanced solution with an interactive experience based campaign site.