Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization involves adapting the site along the keywords you can come up with in the SEO analysis (read about SEO analysis here).

The content on this site is everything. That includes all the content, both the text displayed to the visitor and the meta information that search engines uses. To edit the meta information and utilize it properly, there must be features in the publishing system used on the site. 

To work effectively when it comes to search engine optimization the lyrics have to understand how search engines work for it to be optimal. In addition, one must also be a good writer.

When we help our customers to search engine optimize the first step usually would be to review the existing content. Sometimes the structure and menus need to be changed and sometimes it may be enough to rewrite the texts for them to be SEO friendly. To further improve the chances of good positions on the search engines it may also require the creation of new content.

There are of course many other ways to work with SEO. Therefore, SEO analysis is important. When we implement it, we consider the action to suit you and your business.

As we have worked through the entire site we wait a few weeks. After that we make a check of the results that we have discussed with you to see if we need to do further work.

SEO should not be seen as a one-time effort. When you have achieved the goals of the main keywords you will have to keep working to reach better positions in secondary keywords. Furthermore, SEO is included in the daily work when the site changes. Therefore, we train our clients in search engine optimization so they will be able to continuously keep the website updated and SEO ready.