Availability Analysis

When we carry out an availability analysis we check whether the site follows the current standards and guidelines in terms of technology and content. 

In order for a website to become accessible the technology must be designed right. The website must be well programmed and follow standards and guidelines. If not, it will never be possible to get it available.

The content is equally important. Today, most of the sites are based on various forms of content management (CMS) and the editors who work with the content can easily make mistakes that make the content not available.

When we do an availability analysis, we look at both technology and content, and then we compile a report with the results. The report also contains proposals on the measures that should be done and how they should be prioritized. We also provide suggestions for additional options and add-ons that can help to improve accessibility. The report provides a good basis showing whether any form of accessibility features and how extensive it in this case can be.

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How much does an availability analysis cost?

The cost is entirely dependent on how extensive the site is, how many pages and page templates and other features that it contains. Before we can provide a cost estimate for an availability analysis we must look at the current site. After the analysis we can make a estimation of how much time it will take and the cost of it.

Platforms independent

Availability analysis can be performed regardless of which technology your site is built on. It does not matter if you use EPiServer, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or any other system. The analysis is completely independent and is only independent of the technology as it relates to the information being displayed in the browser. However, the different technologies affect the feasibility of implementing the measures needed to achieve maximum availability if it turns out that there are flaws in the analysis.