When we build websites, we ensure that they are available by following the standards and guidelines. We also make websites created by others availble, and where one discovered deficiencies, often associated with an availability analysis.

How extensive the work will be depends of course on what needs to be addressed. At worst, it may require that the site is being rebuilt from scratch if the example is based on an old outdated platform that does not meet the requirements for availability, but usually it takes a review to fix the faults.

Availability adaptation consists of several parts.

The technology to be revised so that the site is properly programmed and follows the guidelines and standards. A site that has been around for a few years often contain flaws because technology is constantly evolving, but it may also be that those who programmed the website did not have the skills required or simply not bothered to availability adapt.

The content is also important because many editors are not aware of how to work to achieve an accessible website. If availability alignment preceded by an availability analysis, it is often easy for our customers to see what is wrong and fix it but we can also assist with this work.

In addition to the website to be properly designed, technically speaking, there are also other areas that affect accessibility. There is the matter of both technology and content. Some simple examples are to be able to use the Tab keys to move between items on the website and then you need to be thought of the tab order. Another feature may be that there is a keyboard shortcut to search the website. As for content, it may be for example the provision of sign language movies or third-party software to enable visitors to have the website read. For state and local governments, it is extremely important that all public information is available to everyone, but also companies benefit from making there websites avaible for everyone.

Contact us if you want to know more about accessibility.

What can we adapt?

We can customize the availability of most websites but we prefer to work with the websites or intranets based on EPiServer, Drupal, Umbraco and WordPress. Besides it´s those publishing system we know best, they work when you want to achieve high availability. 

Are you unsure of which technology your site uses? Call us and we will find out (no charge). 

How much does accessibility cost?

It is very difficult to state the cost before we have looked at the current site. It differs greatly between different solutions. Maybe it´s not even necessary. Therefore it´s always best to first make an availability analysis. Then we see the deficiencies and what it costs to fix.