The main purpose of an intranet is that it will help the employees to be more efficient in their daily work.

Of course, an intranet need to contain all the information and documents needed in the business. Most employees also use the intranet to publish company news, a simple and powerful way to reach out with fresh information so that everyone knows what is going on.

So far, most have reached out with their intranet.

But there is much more to do, both for the convenience of users and to streamline internal processes.

  • When all information is gathered, how does one ensure that everyone can quickly find what they need?
  • How do you create flows to involve the right people?
  • Is there a need to create working groups that share relevant information?
  • Personalization, users can customize the intranet to maximize the benefits?
  • Are there external systems should preferably be integrated judgment (system for timecards, quality manuals, policy documents, etc.).

There are many other things that can make an effective intranet. What suits you best depends entirely on your business and organization.

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