More about availability

To create an accessible website, there are many parts that must interact in both technology and content must be appropriately designed to achieve high availability.

Technology and availability
The technology is the foundation for the entire site and if the site is to become available, the technology must comply with applicable standards and guidelines. Otherwise it will be impossible to get the site to work properly for all visitors. (Read more about what we mean by technology in this context).

Here are some of the benefits of using the right technology:

  • The website works no matter what browser the visitor is using.
  • People with disabilities can access the content.
  • Search engines are easier to index the site.
  • The website will be more future proof.

If the technology is properly designed, the content of the site will look and function similarly in all browsers. Although, some minor discrepancies exists because browsers do not always follow the standard.

  • People with disabilities will be able to grasp the content.
  • Search engines can better interpret the site and thus can index it properly and the chance is greater that your website easier to find through searches.
  • Chances are greater when new browsers are developed, that your website will function correctly if it complies with the standards.

Why does the technology lack sometimes?
It is only in recent years that it has raised the importance of high availability and to comply with standards. If your site has been around a few years it´s a serious risk that you do not care about accessibility when it was developed.

Errors may also be due to ignorance of the person who built the site. The availability adapting takes time.

Since a website can look real and function properly, it is also difficult for the customer to find out that there are gaps. Poor or old versions of the publishing system can also have flaws that make it impossible to create an accessible website.

Content must also be available
Accessibility is not just about technology but also about avoiding other types of problems that are related to the content. Today's publishing system that makes it easy to self maintain their website makes that it can also be a problem because you do not know how to work for it to become available. It may be for example the use of low contrast between text and background, the lack of alternative text for images, etc.

A problem that often arises is when editors add information on the website is for example when they are cutting and pasting content from other applications or websites. The text might come with code (which is not visible to the editor) and can create serious problems.

Additional extensions for increased accessibility
Even if you did everything right on the website both in terms of technology and content can often make it even more accessible by adding various supplements. It can for instance be to ensure that it is possible to use keyboard shortcuts, add features to simplify the reading of the site and to ensure that there is easy read versions of key texts, etc..

When we do an availability analysis we leave suggested additions that may be relevant based on the website that we review.