Support and Management

We can help with both support and management. This means that we both can be an external resource for your editors, but also we can help to develop your existing website with new features.

The sites have become increasingly widespread and the number of editors working with updates abound. The need for support has increased steadily.

Today support includes many parts. The most common is handling support for editors who need a helping hand, but it's also not uncommon for editors make mistakes that affect the entire site.

Sometimes complicates the technique for different reasons. The web server where the site is located may also experience problems and most have also been affected by the AC power supply that stopped working (broken cables is a classic example). It happens sometimes that there are bugs in both the publishing system and the supplier code.

As increasingly complex solutions, problems sometimes also occurs with external or internal features (eg, statistics and search tools) that affect operational safety. Although there is an agreement that ensures reliability, it does not include the application itself or the website.

There is much that can go wrong and it can be difficult to self-diagnose. It's rare with big breakdowns but when problems arises, it´s important that someone with experience are able to troubleshoot. Besides support therefore it requires someone who can handle serious incidents and who understand the system in its entirety. With a support contract, you as a customer can feel safe with assistance both when something happens unexpectedly and when it requires a helping hand.

In addition to support and incident management, there is also a frequent need to develop further. There may be minor adjustments or major development. We can help with the management and take it from ideas and suggestions for realizing the wishes.

Our existing customers know that they can always call us and those who have more complex or business critical solutions can always sign a support and management agreement for increased security. We not only help customers where we have built the solution, we can also help those who already have a website.

Contact us if you are in need of support and administration!

We manage different systems

We offer support and further development of sites that are based on the following CMS (publishing systems):

We can also provide support and develop solutions built on Microsoft ASP.NET or PHP. We master MS-SQL and My SQL as well.