We help our clients to create accessible websites to all visitors, to visit the sites on equal terms.

Availability on the web is basically about everyone should be able to understand the content of your website. An accessible website ensures that it works no matter who visit it and what browser they use. It makes it easier for people with disabilities while reducing the risk of hassles with different versions of browsers.

Accessibility on the web is therefore a matter of course today. Because who does not want to reach everyone with information? Do you have an accessible website you can also be sure that search engines such as Google will be able to index it properly. The website becomes even more future proof because chances are greater that it will work even with new versions of browsers.

We offer the following services in terms of availability:

Availability Analysis
We´ll find out the possible shortcomings of your current website and submits a report which also contains suggestions and other tips.

Read more about Accessibility Analysis here.

We will help you arrange so that your site becomes available. Before starting, it is beneficial to do an analysis to see what measures are needed. Read more about Accessibility here.

Read more about Availability here.
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