SEO analysis

Search engine optimization will make your website to rank well among search results on search engines. To optimize the work the website must be properly designed and that´s why it´s important to find out which keywords you should focus on.

The right keywords
In order to get the most out of search engine optimization is to select the right keywords/search terms. What are customers looking at when looking for your products and services?

Technology decisive
In order for a website to work properly, it must be technically correct, it's not just search engine optimization, but also for it to work well in all browsers for all visitors. That means it must be properly built and adhere to certain standards. Otherwise the risk is that the search engines understand the content in the wrong way. It complicates considerably the process of search engine optimization and in the worst case, make it impossible to reach good positions in search engines. When to search engine optimize, it is important that the technique works for the search engine optimization to be correct.

The purpose of SEO analysis is to:

  • Find the right keywords and search terms that your potential customers use.
  • Do a situation analysis to see how you succeed with the SEO today.
  • Check that there are no problems with your website as an obstacle to effective SEO.

Our method

1. Interview with you as a client
When we perform an SEO analysis, we begin by interviewing you as a customer. You know your business and your products/services best and has valuable information about your customers.

2. Identify current keyword
We look through your site to identify the keywords that you use today.

3. Analysis of visitor statistics
We go through your visitor statistics to see the behavior of your visitors today, what they are looking at, where they come from, etc. It can, among other things provide important clues to keywords and search terms that you usually not have given a thought before (customers can be quite creative).

4. Suggestions for additional keywords and search terms
We do a manual analysis which, based on our experiences bring up a list of keywords and search terms that we believe can work. To assist us, we have a focus group that we work with that has a mixed background. The purpose is to generate ideas, but that are neither colored by us (who work daily with SEO) or from you (who work daily with your business).

5. Search frequency
We collect all the tags so far and create a statistical analysis of how common it is that it is applied on these words and related variants.

6. Keyword Report
We create a word report where we collect all the keywords/search terms weighted based on relevance and search frequency.

7. Decisions of keywords
Together we look over the list to decide which keywords we should focus on.

8. Situation Analysis
We then do a situation analysis of the SEO that shows how good (or bad) these keywords are performing. Partly to see what you need to focus on but also to compare the results after the work with the SEO.

9. Motion
Finally, we present a proposal on measures that show how you can improve. This applies both to what should be done with your site technically, but also how the content, meta tags, etc. should be designed. If it takes both onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

10. Handover
We leave the present situation analysis, a list of keywords as well as our suggestions.

Now you have full control over how it looks with your SEO and you know what has to be done. You can choose to move forward with us or let someone else work on your SEO.