Support Agreement

Support agreement gives you greater security and is for those who have a greater need for support. It can for instance apply solutions with many editors or mission critical websites.

Do you need to get priority help, we offer support contracts with guaranteed response times and increased safety. For those customers who purchase agreement included a so-called helpdesk, a case management system where you can track all support cases and see their status, who is responsible etc. Cases are saved in a history and where you can also generate reports on how much time spent, etc. The contents of the support agreement (and therefore costs) will be customized after your needs. They cover both support in the form of handling assistance and minor adjustments that require further development.

Support agreements are for a longer period of time (often one year), and we take both a monthly fee and current hourly rates. As the agreement is valid for a longer period of time is the hourly rate reduced.

Those who sign contracts are often medium and large businesses, municipalities and counties. The size of the business, however, is not really essential, but it is your needs that is critical.

Contact us if you are interested in getting a contract proposal.

EPiServer, Umbraco, Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla
We offer support, managing help, troubleshooting and development of websites and intranet built in EPiServer CMS, Umbraco, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress as well as customized systems that we have developed.