Customize for mobile devices

More and more people are using smartphones as they surf the Internet. Do you have many visitors to your website using smartphones? It may be time to adapt it for mobile devices.

To customize for mobile devices means creating a version of the site designed optimally to work for browsing on mobile devices and surf tablets. When a visitor surfs to your site using their smartphones, they automatically see the customized version, but they can also choose to surf as usual if they want.

A customized version of the website is designed so it should be easy to navigate on a small screen, and partly it's common to offer a simpler and more concise content where the most important thing are shown.

Today will shift increasingly to the so-called responsive design. This means that the site automatically adapts to the user's equipment. The site detects the screen size and adjusts itself accordingly. It's not so simple that the site just scaled down without taking up multiple versions of the design to optimize the various screens. This means that the interface also adjusts. A horizontal menu that works well on your computer, for example, appears as a vertical menu on the mobile phone.

When dealing with responsive design it´s most common that the content of the entire website also are included when visitors come from mobile devices.

If the site that will be mobile adapted are built in a CMS (content management system), that´s also usable to maintain the mobile-adapted version. Often it is possible to use the exact same material that is on the existing site and the only thing to do is to customize the interface, but sometimes it's good if you also create customized content that will appear only on the mobile devices.

Contact us if it's time to customize your mobile website so we can suggest a solution based on your website.